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Mention the benefits of study Germany.

Many people will point out that Germany does not need to pay tuition this one. Why German taxpayers are willing to pay tuition fees for foreign students? . According to study Germany by the German Institute for Economic Research (IW) in Germany, it costs nearly 108,000 euros to train a foreign students who can work in the German workplace, and the average annual tax payment per person for this group after employment is 22,800 euros, It does not include the benefits of daily consumption and the value of making up for the workforce vacancy.

Study Germany

In other words, the economic benefits brought by foreign students are much larger than the education costs invested by Germany.

Study Germany continues to grow according to a survey, according to a survey conducted by the Cologne Institute of Economics in Germany, the number of foreign students in Germany experienced another great growth in the past few years: there were nearly 185,000 foreign students study Germany between 2004/2005 and 2010/2011 Degree, 2015/2016 This figure has grown to 251,000, an increase of 36%.

The Institute tries to explore the impact of international students on the German job markets. The results show that while Germany is spending hugely on foreign student education, it is well worth the cost.

Study Germany attractiveness to foreign students is on the rise. Since 2004, the number of students enrolled in Germany has almost doubled. About 40,000 foreign students enrolled in Germany in 2004, up from 70,000 in 2015.

The reason, Cologne Institute experts believe that for high-level talent, overseas experience can increase their employment competitiveness. Germany, in particular, is welcomed by foreign students because it hardly charges tuition in Germany.

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