Best Countries for study abroad

Best Countries for study abroad

Universities, access to culture, atmosphere, cost of living, everything counts in choosing the country where to go to study. From Montreal to Seoul via Boston, here is our selection of the best cities to study abroad. Below are the best countries to study abroad

Best countries to study abroad:

Australia – Melbourne

Beaches, the sun, access to culture and an exciting nightlife are the highlights of this teeming city, as noted by the “Top Universities” site that ranks campuses each year. Underground festivals, classical concerts .

Eclectic, the cultural agenda is full all year long. Cafes and bars line the skyscrapers for relaxing and trendy moments.Professional opportunities await you after your university studies.

England – London

London is well known for its prestigious universities and underground scene. Music and fashion bloom in every street corner as if to perpetuate a rich cultural heritage.

The English are found in the streets every evening near the pubs. And if life is expensive, students always find good deals nestled in narrow aisles to the “Harry Potter” to celebrate. Access to culture is very developed.

China – Hong Kong

A must-see financial center, the most passionate about innovation, finance and engineering of all kinds will fall in love with this city whose selective universities ensure a brilliant future for their students. Housing is usually very expensive.

Students can join for a drink or eat out for very little money. It is the same for transport. Culture flickers on every facade of a building. In this swirling city, the Asian art of living is in itself a discovery.

United States – Boston

Boston is the American student city par excellence. His spirit, his rhythm, his student traditions make all his singularity. Bordered by the largest universities in the world, it ensures prestige and quality student life. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard are his stars.

In a very prolific atmosphere, the city is bubbling with culture, invention, research, fascinating libraries and geniuses that will do tomorrow.

Japan – Tokyo

Tokyo, capital of Japan, oscillates between ancestral tradition and ultra-modern rhythm. Jewel of Asia, this archipelago is full of wonders. Its small area will give you the opportunity to browse the country and discover the different landscapes in a short time.

The local culture is very accessible and the prestigious universities. Like many Asian cities, it is one of the world’s centers of finance and engineering.

Canada – Montreal

This Canadian city has a very lively student life. Its parks, festivals, ultra-modern architecture and almost Swedish-style way of life make it a very special city. There everyone goes by bike.

Summer is hot and the winter is ice-cold as if you were discovering the North Pole on your doorstep. Life is not expensive and universities remain accessible and prestigious.


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