Education is one of the most important pillars of society, and the most important factor in its renaissance. It is the element of life in society.

All sectors of the society and its job titles are the cornerstone of teaching,
whose basic pillars are teachers and the target group. With him, and will not succeed a society, no nation made education, the assessment of the status of students.

Feeling students towards school

The students’ feeling towards the school is evident by the fact that there is a state of aversion among the students.
Especially in the public schools, and the manifestations of this aversion are evident through their poor scholastic achievement as well as their joy at school holidays.

Whether because of rain or because of strike union teachers, this can not be explained only that the school is no longer a friend of the student properly, and this characterization helps us to develop appropriate solutions.

Status of school teachers

Teachers at the tail end of the convoy are functional. This is because of the low salaries they receive.
They are small salaries that do not provide for the formation and construction of the teacher’s needs for housing and marriage.

And some of the welfare of living and this is due to the existence of injustice in the standards of salaries and employment.

the teacher who educates and establishes the generation and builds the nation and builds builders who build the country among him was the minister the president the engineer the soldier the doctor and others all these functional names.

Its first architect is the teacher Vlolah Lama Kanu Originally he did not go hungry and suffering and full of these and Ervho there are no names functional at the highest paid career pyramid while the teacher at the end

Community Overview of the Education Foundation

The community’s view of the education institution is a community of parents and community groups. Teaching is no longer an option.

For most of them, the school is an incubator to house students and remove them from their homes .so there is someone who asks about his son in any class. He does not answer you. which expresses a dark image of teaching, as a result of the injustice of his career.

Community Overview of the Education Foundation

In order to get out of the painful reality of education in our dear country it is necessary to put our hands firmly on the wound through:

->it will do its utmost, and the people’s perception of education will change. Their children, and follow them academically because they look at the interest on the future of their children and the education line will be the best in their eyes.

->Develop an integrated plan to follow up the students academically, follow up on what they have reached, and work on their treatment, through workshops, bringing together teachers, parents, employees in the ministries of education and the directorates of education.
To take the media of all kinds, its role in this treatment, the work of seminars, and educational programs necessary.

->The establishment of mosques in the effort of awareness and mobilization, towards the advancement of the reality of education, and restore the original role in it, and linking education in the mosque, in the sense of linking to the piety and obedience of God.

Work hard to make the school a permanent friend of the student, in all stages of education.

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