International Studies

International Studies

International Studies – Language Courses and Education Abroad
Are you thinking about studying abroad? Then you’ve found quite right. For those who want to study abroad, there are many different options available today. You can read a semester, a year or a whole degree at a university or college abroad. You can study a vocational education abroad or go on a language trip and learn a new language in an exotic country.

International studies

Further down on this page you can read more about different options. You can use our search service to find suggestions for education and language courses abroad. You can also click on to get more tips and advice for your foreign studies.


Study abroad at university or college

Many Swedes studying abroad go as exchange students via their school in Sweden. You currently do not study at a Swedish university or a Swedish university, but very willing to study abroad, have two options. Either you go through a foreign messenger, or you go on your own and then apply directly to the university you want to study at. There are advantages and disadvantages of both variants.

1. Study abroad via an intermediary

The advantage of having a Swedish foreign study broker or organization is that they often have long experience of helping prospective students from Sweden to find an education abroad. They also help throughout the process with everything from study guidance, contact with the school and assistance in case something goes wrong.

Accommodation during International Studies

The intermediary often has tips on how to settle accommodation during your first study abroad, if you need a visa / residence permit and so on. The accommodation will sometimes help you with the first weeks of school. Then it is up to you to search for new accommodation in the form of an apartment that you can share with other students, host families or “dorms” (corridor residents you share with other students).

Advantages and disadvantages

The best thing about hiring a foreign broker is to help you with everything from the application to arranging accommodation. Additionally, it can be cheaper to go through a broker than to arrange its place on its own because the broker usually has an agreement with the university and airlines that offer discounts on termination charges, accommodation, travel, and more.

One disadvantage may be that the selection sometimes feels limited, both in terms of universities and countries. The countries most brokers work with are the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

2. Study abroad on your own

An alternative to those who do not want to help with a foreign broker is to go abroad on their own, so-called free mover. It requires a little more work from your side, but on the other hand it is a wonderful challenge. Then contact the school you want to study to get all the information you need about study start, term fees, housing opportunities, admission requirements and so on. You can also contact the country’s Embassy here in Sweden for more information.

Application and admission

When you go without a broker you apply for the education on the same terms as the native students. The basic requirement is that you should be qualified to study at university level here in Sweden. Otherwise, different requirements apply to different education programs in different countries. Special knowledge tests, entrance examinations and a personal application can sometimes occur in the application process. Important is to make sure that you do not miss any of the moments the school requires upon admission. Then your application may be thrown into the trash. And do not forget to be in good time with the applications – most foreign universities only have one application per year and may be well before the start of education.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you want to organize your study location on your own, you will expect it to take time and that a lot of work is required on your part. Another aspect to keep in mind is that it is usually more expensive to study abroad as a free mover than to go for example like exchange student because you have to pay termination fees and possibly other tuition fees.

To go abroad on your own and study has of course many advantages as well. For example, you can choose where and what to study and if you want to read a whole or only part of your education abroad.

language Travel

A popular choice among those who want to go abroad and study is to go on a language trip. You often go through a test before going so that you end up in the class that is adapted to your level of knowledge. Some of the most popular languages ​​are Spanish, French and English. Another option is to combine a language education with volunteer work. More information about language travel can be found here.

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