MBA degree in Australia

MBA degree in Australia

Join an MBA program in Australia:

MBA degree in Australia, Australia is today one of the most recognized countries for students and companies for its MBA . It is almost at the level of England, the USA or Canada.In 1960 Australian graduate School System introduces MBA programs. Today they are one of the strongest bridges in Australian institutions.MBA degree in Australia

Today, it is possible to find close to 100 specializations in Australian business schools for an MBA program. These programs are increasingly highlighted by institutions for the quality and efficiency of students receiving these programs training.

International recognition of Australian MBA’s:

Australian MBA’s are now at the same level as those obtained in other Anglo-Saxon countries, that is to say a great identification among companies and many professional opportunities.

Several programs appear in the international rankings, although globally, Australia remains a notch below England or the US in the international recognition of its best MBA programs.

The structure of MBA in Australia:

Universities in Australia offer the full range of MBA programs to suit the needs of each student and offer them a chance to join the training that best suits their needs.

Australia offers MBA programs whose structure is similar to other Anglo-Saxon countries:

Full-time MBA: Programs in 12 to 24 months focusing on learning theoretical knowledge and many practical cases.

Part-time MBA: Programs that are often longer than their full-time equivalents but which allow them to maintain a professional activity while studying, and thus to continue to gain professional experience in their field.

Online MBA: The shift to the internet 2.0 also affects MBA, and more and more students are tempted by online programs, allowing students to study while maintaining a professional activity sometimes full-time.

Executive MBA: Programs for professionals, often with more than a decade of experience. Classes are held during the week or the weekend, and the structure is relatively close to part-time MBA’s.


Registration fees for an Australian MBA:

Joining an MBA in Australia the fees charged when enrolling in an MBA program vary from one institution to another, so it is difficult to make an average representative of the whole.

Institutions ask for 15,000 euros to 52,000 euros per MBA program. The cost varies according to the duration of the program, an MBA in two years is necessarily more expensive than an MBA in one year, but also according to the reputation of the institution, or the international recognition of the program in question.


Here is an incomplete list of institutions offering MBA in Australia with their cost in 2012:

Australia University – Graduate School of Management: $ 45,120
Queensland University – School of Business: $ 50,880
Melbourne  University – Melbourne Business School: $ 52,000
Wollongong University – Sydney Business School: $ 33,840
Swinburne University of Technology – Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship: $ 35,000
Griffith University – Griffith Business School: $ 35,280
of Newcastle University – Faculty of Business and Law: $ 22,800
Canberra University – School of Business: $ 24,400
Ballarat University – School of Business: $ 15,600
Southern Cross University – Graduate College of Management: $ 19,200

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