Study Malaysia

Study Malaysia cost one of the most important challenges facing a student who wants to study abroad is the cost of study that he will bear throughout the study period, as well as the cost of living, housing and building, and other points that may be confusing to the students and perhaps their concern about the society in which he lives.

Security and security throughout his study abroad or not?

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Study Germany

Mention the benefits of study Germany.

Many people will point out that Germany does not need to pay tuition this one. Why German taxpayers are willing to pay tuition fees for foreign students? . According to study Germany by the German Institute for Economic Research (IW) in Germany, it costs nearly 108,000 euros to train a foreign students who can work in the German workplace, and the average annual tax payment per person for this group after employment is 22,800 euros, It does not include the benefits of daily consumption and the value of making up for the workforce vacancy.

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Study UK

Study  UK

The Study UK has become one of the top destinations to study around the world for international students.International students have always been an important presence in the UK, and their numbers have been growing steadily over the years. Students from all over the world go to UK for study, the leading number of students from Asia is observed there.Study UK always hosted all nationalities student to study in world top ranking universities.Around 130 UK universities are serving the local and international students in different study programs. As per UCAS End of Cycle Report almost 548400 entered in UK for Study UK Higher Education.

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Study Sweden

If you are a citizen of a Nordic country (which is not Sweden) and want Study Sweden , in any of the countries belonging to the EU / EEA or Switzerland, you do not need to pay a registration fee. On the other hand, you must submit paper showing that you are a citizen of any of these countries. If you are a Swedish citizen and want Study Sweden, you do not need to pay a registration fee or strengthen your citizenship. fees Application and tuition fees apply to applicants who at the time of notification are not citizens of an EU country, EEA country or Switzerland. If you want to Study Sweden the registration fee is 900 SEK and it is paid when you sign up. The registration fee will not be refunded if the course is set. Fees are charged for studies at first level and advanced level.

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Study Australia

Study Australia  is an important decision both personally and professionally. Australia Consulting Studies will be able to help you choose the most suitable program for your needs. The English language schools, universities and other institutions we work with offer you to study in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Cairns, Darwin and Canberra or in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Queens town.

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