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Cost For Sweden education

Money in Sweden

Sweden is not part of the euro zone: its currency is the Swedish Krona, for which 1 euro is worth about 9.4 SEK. To simplify the reading we will convert all prices into euros. In addition to study in Sweden you may have to prove that you have a certain amount in your account for each month spent in Sweden often this amount runs as much as 700 euros which already gives a good basis to estimate the monthly cost of study in Sweden. Cost For Sweden education is not much high, depends on universities you select.

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Student Life Sweden


International Studies on the Training Program, Sporting Medicine
Studies abroad provide valuable experiences for life . As a program student you have good opportunities to place parts of the education in another country. Studies abroad are developing knowledgeably, socially and culturally, and are often meritorious when looking for a job. In addition, you may get many new friends for life,In other word Student life Sweden is not much boring. You can apply for foreign studies via an established exchange program or as a free mover.

Student life Sweden

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